Filardo Ercan Architects Canberra

Services and Expertise

Architecture + Interior Design + Heritage

We are a boutique Canberra based architectural firm with a passionate, friendly and highly experienced team.

Our Ethos

We believe in taking the time to understand your vision so we can design a space that not only meets your expectations but takes your breath away. Drawing on 40+ years of combined experience, our aim is to capture your dream and apply our expertise to produce a result that is beautiful, sustainable and a source of pride for you for many years to come.


Work with a residential architect whose only dream is to bring yours to life. Talk to us about your vision, and how you want your home to look and feel. Share what is most important to you in your daily life, and what you see for the future, so we can design a home that is as practical as it is stunning.

Our philosophy on home design is to create from and for the heart by developing a design that is uniquely yours, and one you will cherish and want to pass on.


Refresh or completely restore a heritage space working with a skilled architect who understands the importance of retaining and building on a place’s history and character.

With a full understanding of the possibilities as well as the challenges of heritage projects, we will work closely with you to achieve the outcome you seek while going above and beyond to protect the integrity of the structure and give it a new lease on life.

We are fully familiar with State and local heritage legislations, requirements and approval processes, and can advise what is achievable with your property

A contemporary office space interior, showcasing expert commercial interior design by a leading interior designer in Canberra


Your commercial space is the heart and soul of your business. We work with you to create an inviting space that accurately reflects the personality and philosophy of your brand while inspiring a memorable first impression and a positive culture within your team.

Collaboration is key to our success, and we will take the time to fully understand your vision before applying our creativity to show you what’s possible.


Drive patronage and 5 star customer experiences with warm and inviting café, restaurant and bar designs. Our goal is to help you make an emotional connection with visitors by capturing the qualities of your brand and embodying them in your establishment’s design.

We also ensure all our hospitality designs are as functional as they are captivating, so your staff and customers can create and enjoy the best possible dining experience.

A cozy cafe interior, showcasing expert retail interior design by a leading interior designer in Canberra